June 20, 2012

Still alive

I haven’t given up on this site. Don’t expect a sudden rush of posts though. Really, the main goal is more to use it as a place to list contact info. But I figured I post something, if only it was to please the RSS bots.

Recently switched this site from server along with the Pirate Bay Proxy, Files/Mirror Hoster, Nederlandse Windows Live Messenger Forum and all other sites. Moved from IIS on Windows Server to Apache on a Debian machine. The new box has a quad core hyperthreaded Xeon, 24GB RAM, 2TB storage and 15TB bandwidth per month.Should be way more than it ever needs, and it is still cheaper than what I paid for the last one. It is about time I think of something to waste all those idle CPU cycles on to be honest.
Along with the move I also did a fresh installation of most things, including WordPress. For now it is rocking the default theme until I find some time to pick something decent. A few other things like the contact form are also broken, but email still works. Doing a fresh installation of all your sites at once is not good for the size of your todo list but all will be fixed with time.

December 31, 2008

Happy new blog… uhm… year!

First of all, happy 2009 to all of you! No matter how good or bad 2008 was for you, I hope 2009 will be a lot better :).

I usually don’t do new year’s resolutions, why would you wait until new year if you already know you want to do achieve something? Get started on it already! Instead let’s have some old year’s resolutions… get things done before the year is over. I know, it comes down to the same thing, secretly this is my new year’s resolution from last year but I didn’t do it until now: I’m starting a blog!

Menthix.net is already several years old, but I never had any real content on it. A few months ago I installed WordPress just for fun, now it’s time to actually start posting. I don’t know if I will post a lot, but you will see me write some articles from time to time. For now it is time to join the party and try to still have all fingers tomorrow.